Digital Britpop: What The Numbers Say About The Nineties

- Analysis, Analytics, Numerical Data, Piracy

“During Britpop I was wearing skirts and eyeliner!” proclaimed Manic Street Preachers bassist Nicky Wire at a London concert last week. The notoriously outspoken lyricist was denouncing the Manics’ inclusion in the BBC’s 20 Years of Britpop chart, topped eventually by Pulp. One thing that’s not disputed by data however, is that Oasis remain Britpop’s […]

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‘Happy’ Days for Pharrell (and his fans)

- Analysis, Facebook, Piracy, Twitter

2013 was a top 40 comeback year for Pharrell – topping the charts with Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky,’ Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines,’ and his own single ‘Happy.’ Building off the momentum of 2013, in mid February Pharrell announced he would be releasing his second solo album, ‘G I R L.’ Old and new fans could […]

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Blackhawks Win, So Do The Fratellis…

- Analysis, tilburg student reports

Earlier this year our team traveled to Tilburg University to lecture to the Masters in Marketing program about social media and data. Afterwards the students applied what they had learned by using Musicmetric Pro to perform social media analysis. Below is a blog post from A. Anagnostou, S. Hennissen, R. Orvisky, A. Spierings, K. Vlachiotis. […]

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